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The Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE) is an Australian Shepherd Club of America affiliate with 200+ members.  We meet 6 times a year and  publish "New England Aussie," the club newsletter.

The goal of ASCNE is to educate Australian Shepherd owners, both new and veteran.

In addition to education, ASCNE is also concerned with protecting Aussies. We participate in a national rescue program for purebred Australian Shepherds who need new homes. All rescued dogs are temperament tested and neutered before being placed in new homes. Placements require a donation to cover the costs to the rescue organization.

ASCNE holds several dog shows each year. These shows are held in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire. We offer competitive obedience, agility, tracking, and stock dog trials open to all breeds, as well as conformation shows open to ASCA registered Australian shepherds. We also offer Junior Showmanship competition for children up to age 18.

Our shows are open to the public, providing an informal forum for people who want to learn more about Aussies, visit dogs, and chat with breeders and exhibitors.

While ASCNE offers many things, above all we try to be a friendly, helpful, fun group of people with a common interest. We love our dogs, and try to do the best we can with them by sharing information and learning from one another.

Who's Who

ASCNE Board of Directors

  Alicia Campbell
Vice President    Secretary   Treasurer
Morgan Hubbard   Ashley Marie Liese   Linda Barden
860-986-2340   781-267-3286   413-427-3766
Affiliate Representative   Board Member    Board Member 
Anne Hubbard   Gull Gullicksen   Morgan Campbell
401-647-5751   508-947-5606   860-309-1277
Show Coordinators
Agility Trial & Show Coordinator   Obedience & Rally Trial and Show Coordinator
Jessica Meyer   Robert Wheaton
802-753-6043   404-918-8535
Conformation Show Coordinator   Stockdog Trial & Show Coordinator
Alicia Campbell   Barbara Barreiro
(860)309-4405   603-986-8491
Agility Coordinator   Conformation Coordinator
Ann Raposa   Karen Souza
Obedience Coordinator   Stock Dog Coordinator
Dan Thomsen   Anne Hubbard
978-828-0593   401-647-5751

Show chairs: please send a copy the ASCNE show results to the coordinator.

Membership Information

Membership in ASCNE is open to all persons in good standing with ASCA. You do not have to own an Australian Shepherd to be a member. Single or family membership entitles you to a single or dual vote for a single or family membership respectively, in all club matters, elections, and access to the ASCNE E-mail group. The membership year begins January 1st and ends December 31st. You can join anytime of the year, but realize that all memberships renew Jan 1st of the following year.

ASCNE membership also entitles you to participate in the year end Record of Merit (ROM) awards program. Full rules for these programs can be found on the ASCNE ROM page.

ASCNE offers the following types of club memberships:

  • Single Membership - This is for individuals.  The annual dues are $15.
  • Family Membership - This is for families that reside in the same household. The annual dues are $22.50.
  • Junior Membership - This is for individuals under the age of 18 and not living with an ASCNE member: $7.50.
  • Newsletter Membership - This is for individuals who want to receive the newsletter.  This membership does not include voting privileges. These members do not require sponsorship. The annual dues are $12.

Join or Renew Membership

Click here for printable form to mail in with your dues. If you have any questions about the membership form or the club in general contact:

      Dottie Duclos
       P.O. Box 896
      Assonet, MA 02702

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