Minutes from the September 10, 2006 meeting held at the Griffin's in Douglas, MA.

Members Present:   Pete Dolan, Dottie Duclos, Gull Reidy, Brenda Dean, Sheila Dolan, Joe Stoddart, Mary Ann Stoddart, George Griffin, Sue Winters, Cindy King, John C. Yarmac III, Pauli Haggis, Bill Haggis, William Pechka-King

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 by Vice President Pete Dolan with introductions.

Secretary’s Report – Gull Reidy

Treasurer’s Report – Dottie Duclos

Affiliate Report – Sheila Dolan

BoD Report – Linda Gray and/or Chris Davenport

Committee Reports

Library Report – Cindy King

Sunshine Report – Jean Janotta

Event Updates


New Members

The following were accepted as new members:  Dawn K. Kirby, Michael & Ellen Kurdzo, Arthur & Carol Landry, Paddy Marcotte,   Richard & Andrea Couse, Melissa  & Suzanne Zilembo, Barbara Laborde, Kaylene Scotton  (Junior member)           

2006 ASCA Election Results


            § Patrick MacRoberts 682

            § Kristin McNamara 591

            § Roger Stevens578

            § Lynn Fremuth489

            § Rick Gann489

            § Jan Wesen444

            § Rachel Vest 389

            § Cindy King 302

            § Peter Kontos 295

         Hardship Registry referendum

            § Open 844

            § Close 681

            Working Description referendum:

            § #3. As an Appendix of the ASCA Stock Dog Rules and Regulations - 922

            § #2. As an Appendix of the ASCA Stock Dog Trialing Guidelines - 859

            § #1. The back of the Individual Dog Registration Application Form - 677

            § #4. On ASCA Stock Dog Score Sheets - 462

            § N. None of the above - 429

            § #5. Other - 164

Calendar Updates

2007 ASCA Nationals – Pete Dolan

There was a meeting of the chairs the day before at Tenley Dexter's.  As of this date we are one year and 2 weeks away from the Nationals.  We missed  the deadline for the first rough draft of the premium.  The consensus among the  chairs is that it's time to speed things up. All but one of the 29 key positions have been filled.  The individual chairs have been carrying things on their own so far.  If you have an area you want to help in, then contact the chair and                  volunteer.  Trying to get a meeting at Harvest Moon, possible 7:30pm on Friday.  After this year's Nationals, Pete will put out a report of where we are and where we have to go.  The rough budget is put together.  The cost of stock (including feed) may run around $36,000 instead of the original projected $55,000.  The budget for ribbons and trophies are being standardized across the board.  We are not looking for a huge profit, but hopefully will have at least a small profit.  Looking for fund raising ideas. The only seminar scheduled for now is a canine physical fitness chiropractor.  Send any suggestions to Pete.  Tuesday pm will be reminiscing about 50 years of ASCA with Ernie Hartnagle.  The grounds will be available for set-up on Wednesday, open for competitors at noon on Friday.

AKC Conflict of Interest Policy

This continues to be an issue.  Club members are coming up with creative ways around the problem.  It was thought ASCA could do more to educate our own judges.


Membership Applications – Kathie Chouinard

Jessica Maddore (Junior)

Sponsors: Kathy Hubbard and Robin Gardell

ASCA # Pending




Ashley Tenesicy (Junior)

Sponsors: Kathy Hubbard and Robin Gardell

ASCA # Pending




Janet Rodgers-Buba

Sponsors: Donna Hakala and Kathleen Buckley

ASCA #511503




Chris Reedy

Sponsors: Linda Gray and Cindy King

ASCA # 112846


ASCNE Newsletter Editor – Jean Janotta

Agility Fencing – Jean Janotta

Achievements – Jean Janotta

A motion was made and approved to disallow the Nationals and pre-shows for ASCNE ROM points.  Not everyone can attend the Nationals and it seems fair to use only affiliate level shows.

Sheila Dolan proposed changing the requirements for ASCNE's Performance ROM to not include Conformation.  A motion was made and approved (with one disapprove) to keep it as is, which is any 3 of the five events.

Brenda Dean and Dottie Duclos would like to see a jug at the entry booth and food venue for epilepsy research donations. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:55pm.

The next meeting will be November 5 at Dr. Matt Mason's in Salisbury, NH.

ASCNE 2006 Calendar of Events

ASCNE 2007 TENTATIVE Calendar of Events