ASCA All Breeds Stock Dog Trial
Cattle, Sheep and Ducks
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Starshine Farm, Lebanon, CT

Judge: Mr. Bob Vest
Course Director: Tenley Dexter

Pre-entry closes 6/9/06. No refunds for entries after closing date unless there is a dog on the waiting list to take your spots.

Entry Fees:
*Cattle $35 pre-entry $40 day-of-trial
*Sheep $30 pre-entry $35 day-of-trial
*Ducks $25 pre-entry $30 day-of-trial
All Junior class entries are 1/2 price regular entries.

*Entries limits to 40 runs per day. Course B.
*Handlerís meeting at 7:30am and classes will begin immediately following the handlerís meeting (starting with cattle, then sheep and finally duck runs)
*Prizes offered: HIT Sheep, Cattle, Duck, HC Aussie, HC Other Breed, Jr.
*In the case of a dog injuring stock, owner will pay all vet fees and/or replacement value of the stock (Cattle $700, Sheep $150, Ducks $25) and any disposal fees if required.
*Non ASCA registered dogs must acquire a "tracking number" if you wish to earn titles through ASCA.

Make checks out to ASCNE and mail with an official ASCA Stock entry blank:

Tenley Dexter
PO Box 58
Gaylordsville, CT 06755

Directions to Starshine Farm: From Rt. 2, take exit 13 (Rt.66) through Columbia Center (approx 10 miles). Take a right on to Rt. 87South and Go 4.6 miles (0.3 miles after "LogCabin" Restaurant and turn right onto Oliver Road. First driveway on left #33.