Minutes from the September 11, 2004 meeting held at Joe and Debbie Adamczyk’s home in Warren, MA.

Members present: Brenda Dean, Kathie Chouinard, Dottie Duclos, Pete Dolan, Diane Johnson, Joe Stoddart, MaryAnn Stoddart, Pauli Haggis, Bill Haggis, Cindy King, Bill Pechka-King, Matt Mason, Joe Adamczyk, Debbie Adamczyk, Susan Winters, Gull Reidy.

Meeting called to order at 12:45pm. by Vice President Pete Dolan

Secretary’s report: Minutes from the July 10, 2005 meeting were accepted as printed in the New England Aussie Newsletter.

Treasurer’s report – Dottie Duclos

ASCNE Treasury - $19,695.42
Rescue Treasury - $4,990.54
Total Treasury - $24,685.96
Moose-A-Mania had a profit of $1,873.04 before the expense of ribbons that still needed to be
Mid Summer Stock Dog Trial was a loss of $991.37.

Affiliate Report – Sharon Ruppell

No representative present.

BoD Report – Linda Gray and/or Chris Davenport

No representative present although Pete Dolan reported that the ASCA office in Texas has a
new office manager and three new staff members. There is also talk of a counter law suit
against the previous DNA laboratory.

Committee Reports

Library Report – Cindy King

The library was present and available to any member.

Sunshine Report – Jean Janotta

No representative present.

Event Updates


As mentioned in the BoD, Agility Committee report, the fee change will not be an issue for the balance of this year. The fee change will go into effect as of January 1, 2006 and will impact the May trial in Hopkinton, NH and HMM as ASCA only events. There is a chance that the May trial may be dual sanctioned.


The meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm and please take note of the change of address for the November meeting. The meeting will be November sixth at Dr. Matt Mason’s in Salisbury, New Hampshire.

Respectfully submitted, Diane Johnson