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Minutes from the January 4, 2004 at Canine Mastery in Seekonk, MA

Members Present: Jean Janotta, Pete Dolan, Sue Winters, Kathie Chouinard, Dottie Duclos, Holly Robinson, Cindi Robinson, Warren Robinson, Dianne McCormick, Paula Andrus, Debbie Keach-Tomes, Donna Gray, Donna Johnson, Karen Miller, Jackie Owens, Donna Hakala, Loretta King, Gull Reidy, Sharon Ruppel, Sue Schroeder, Cindy King, Bill Pechka-King, Linda Gray, Brenda Dean, George Griffin, JoAnn Griffin.

Meeting called to order 12:10pm by President Jean Janotta.

1. Introduction of those present.

2. Secretary’s Report: The Secretary's report from the November meeting was accepted as published in the November/December newsletter.

3. Treasurer's report: Dottie Duclos reported we have $22,737 in the regular checking account, the rescue account stands at $5,048 for a total of $27,785. Additional expenses were received for HMM after the November meeting – the revised profit number is $4,992.64. Dottie is still working on breaking out the HMM expenses by event, however the current profit numbers by event are: conformation & obedience - $1,000; stock - $1,600; agility - $5,675. The November Seekonk trial gross receipts were $2,052, expenses $1,383.74 with a profit of $668.26.

4. Affiliate Report – Sharon Ruppel

5. Library Report: Cindy King noted the library was on site and there have been no new additions.

6. Event Updates: Please check the web site: http://www-unix.oit.umass.edu/~ascne for additional information on events.


1. New Members: The following were accepted into membership – Eileen & Austin Farrar, Deborah Frey & Tony DiBartolo, Wendy Richmond

2. ASCNE Election – Sue Winters
            The results of the November/December 2003 elections were announced by Sue Winters:\
               President: Jean Janotta, 79 3. ASCA Nationals/Finals Questionnaire Results – Jean Janotta Jean thanked everyone who took the time to fill out the questionnaire. The returned forms will be reviewed and summarized for the March meeting. 4. Stopwatches for Stock Show Box – Pete Dolan Pete will be sending 2 brand new stopwatches to Deb Adamczyk for the Stock show box. Per November’s meeting, Deb also has the go-ahead to purchase another 2 stopwatches for the show box to be available as backup. 5. 2004 Membership Renewal – Kathie Chouinard Kathie said renewals are coming in well. For those who have not already sent in their renewal, Kathie will be sending postcards out mid-January. 6. 2003 Bowl Call – Karen Miller For dogs who received a new title in 2003 - please get your dog’s name with all ASCA titles to Karen no later than January 15th if you’d like to receive a new title bowl. 7. Entry Fees for Juniors – Jean Janotta It is possible for one junior to enter both these divisions on each type of stock, which would equate to 6 runs, however, they are only paying for 3 runs (keep in mind at HMM, the pre-entry fee for ducks was $25, sheep was $30, and cattle was $35, so that would be paying $90 as opposed to $180). Other things to consider are a judge can only judge 40 runs in a day, the stock can only run a certain number of runs in a day, and the cost of the stock is not altered based on the age of the handler.

Three recommendations came out of the November meeting:

7. Consolidated Mailing List – Brenda Dean 7. Breeder Referral Form – Sue Winters NEW BUSINESS 1. Membership Applications: Kathie Chouinard reported the following have applied for membership in ASCNE:
Member  Sponsor
Christine Porter Kathy Hubbard
 Susan Winters
Linda Barden  Fran Swanson
Dianne McCormick
Jillayne Karras (JUNIOR)  Karen Miller
Megan Sabrowski (JUNIOR)  Sharon Ruppel

2. Membership Questions - Kathie Chouinard

3. Club Historian – Linda Gray 4. Tracking Test – Celeste Kelly
  1. NADAC Agility Rule Changes
6. Note of Thanks 7. Dr. Robert Van Hutchison Seminar - Sex, Pups and Dr. Hutch (e-mail from Joyce Charron) Email: anidoc@intercape.com

Phone: (508) 759-4522

8. June Breed and Obedience – Sue Winters 9. Newsletters – Cindi Robinson 10. Jackets – Linda Gray 11. Achievements – Jean Janotta
2004 Calendar of Events