Minutes from the November 3, 2002 meeting at Jean Janotta's home in Raymond, NH

Members present: Jean Janotta, Pam Parker, Kathie Chouinard, Thom Lambert, Andy and Diane Johnson, Deb and Joe Adamczyk, Sue Schroeder, Pete Dolan, Lyn Scribner, Gull Reidy, Susan Winters, Matt Mason.

Meeting called to order 12:30pm by president Jean Janotta
1. Secretary’s Report: The Secretary's report from the last meeting was accepted as read.

2. Treasurer's report: Dottie Duclos reported that we have $21,068.26 in the regular checking account with $351 on hand for deposit. The rescue account stands at $5597.00. The March show profit and donations have been sent to ARPH. A $500 contribution was sent to ASCA for the National Stock Dog Finals.

3. Affiliate Report: The Affiliate Report from ASCA was passed around.

4. Event updates
Sept 14 & 15 Sheep and Duck Trial: Tenley reports in the last newsletter and thanks to all who volunteered. Income $2235, expenses $1751.20 for a profit of $483.80.

October 12, 13, & 14 Harvest Moon Mania: Despite the rain and conditions, it really went well. All the exhibitors were good sports and we heard very few complaints. Income $25,236, expenses $20,469.88 for a profit of $4,766.12.

October 20 Tracking Test: Ann reports it was a great success. Everything went very well. All dogs passed. Income $250.00, expenses $299.00 for a loss of $49.49. Ann would like to have another tracking event next year and is working on the dates

November 16 & 17: Everything is all set. The Chinese Auction for the Dave Andreozzi Scholarship Fund will be done at this show.

Old Business
1. Insurance: The primary coverage would cover us (ASCNE members). Jean checked with Dee Williamson regarding the procedures followed by the SNEAK club. Dee reported that SNEAK does not require anyone to be notified during the event. Currently Dee is the only one whose name is on the SNEAK policy to certify an injury claim and it must be filed within 90 days of the date of injury. Dee also recommended keeping the list of names eligible to submit to a minimum. Discussion followed regarding having a point person at the event responsible for filling out any accident forms. Sue Schroeder will investigate what ASCNE is responsible for at a co-sanctioned event that we are not hosting.

2. Capital Equipment Management: Everything is accounted for. New obedience jumps were built by Pete Dolan (which he currently has) and the ring gates are stored at Allison's.

3. Changes/Updates to the 2003 Calendar:

August April Beginning Herding Clinic: Will be held at Janet Benson’s in Lebanon, CT. The flyer will come out in a future newsletter this winter.

4. ByLaw Changes: The BOD met at Harvest Moon to discuss the changes and the response from ASCA. The feedback from the ASCA BOD was: a) the 1 year waiting period to become a full member was too long; and, b) ballot voting should be specified in the bylaws, not at the whim of the Directors. The BOD felt the bylaw change creating the associate membership status was an attempt to have new members be more active in the club and to provide a mechanism for education on the Australian Shepherd and what was going on in general. We felt addressing the issue of why members are not active would better serve the general membership. The associate membership was taken out of the bylaw re-submission and the wording was changed to require applicants to be a member of ASCA. The balloting issue was also reworded. The changes were submitted to ASCA by Joanne Karohl on November 2nd. Discussion followed as to lapsing of membership and the ability to vote on any issues the month after paying dues. Wording was found in the bylaws to address the question.

5. Cattle for Trials: Linc reported he had a few options. One was to use 3 cows from Bill Haggis, 3 from Tenley, 4 from him, and 7 from Karen Rue; another was to use 7 from a place in Middleton; another was to get all 17 from Karen Rue. Matt suggested we find one location, sign a rental contract and then let them be responsible for providing the stock, transporting them etc. Matt agreed to be the point person on this issue. Joe Adamczyk is meeting with a stock man that has 90 head. He will investigate further.

6. Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc.: The approved donation of $200.00 was sent. Dottie received a nice note and newsletter. The newsletter will become part of the library. The web site will be up and running by the end of this year.

New Business:

1. Member Applications: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE:
Member  Sponsors
Elyse Phillips  Janet Benson
Tenley Dexter
Melissa Magini – Jr Member  Corrine Brewer
Sharon Ruppel
Elaine & Todd Palmquist  Lincoln Keiser
Cindi Robinson

2. Membership Renewal Forms: Matt suggested just putting them in the newsletter, but it was decided to mail them separately so they would stand out and not get lost as part of the newsletter. Renewals are due January 1st.

3. Update from BOD Meeting at HMM: The BOD met at HMM to discuss the following:

a. Bylaw changes – refer to old business section

b. Support for ASCNE Junior Handlers who qualify for ASCA Jr. Handling Finals – The decision was made to pay entry fees up to $300. Billy King went this year, his last year as a Jr. Handler, and was given $300.

c. Donation for ASCA Stock Dog Finals – ASCNE has traditionally sent $500 in support of this event. The BOD voted to send the same amount this year.

d. Resignation of Secretary Joanne Karohl – Joanne Karohl has submitted her resignation as Secretary due to other pressing time commitments. We will solicit for volunteers per the bylaws. Anyone interested please e-mail Jean Janotta at

4. Duck Take Pen: Motion was made to have Pete Dolan make a duck take pen for the herding areas. Seconded and the motion carried.

5. Obedience and Breed ROM: Robin Goodman is doing this year’s Breed and Obedience ROM but would like someone to volunteer to do it next year.

6. HMM Herding Prizes: Deb Adamczyk has enjoyed purchasing the herding prizes for Harvest Moon Mania but not be able to do so for HMM 2003. She will continue to act as the ribbon/trial box point person however. If someone wants to volunteer for this please contact Deb and she will let you know what is involved. (Post meeting note: Tenley Dexter and Linc Keiser are the Course Directors for HMM 2003 and will take on the responsibility of getting the prizes. However, if anyone would like to volunteer to help in any area for next October, Santa will look very favorably upon you this Christmas!)

7. Newsletters: Pete Dolan reports that the newsletter will be formatted better in the future as he and Kathleen have worked out the bugs in the softcopy handoff. Deadlines for submission of information for the newsletter are the 15th of the odd months (January, March, …). The newsletters will be mailed no later than the 15th of the even months (February, April, …).

8. Submission of 2003 Schedule: Susan Winters is putting the final touches on the 2003 schedule and will be sending it out the the Aussie Times, Match Show Bulletin and the ASCA web site calendar. It will also be included in every newsletter for reference.

9. Volunteers needed for position of Club Secretary – As noted under the BOD Meeting notes, Joanne Karohl has submitted her resignation as Secretary due to other pressing time commitments. We are soliciting for volunteers per the bylaws. Anyone interested please e-mail Jean Janotta at

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

Next Meeting: January 5th, starting at noon at Canine Mastery in Seekonk, MA

Respectfully submitted by Susan Winters.

2003 Schedule

Jan 5: Meeting, Canine Mastery, Seekonk, MA

Jan 15: Deadline for February newsletter
Feb 1&2: Breed and obedience, Seekonk, MA, Susan Winters
Mar 2: Annual Meeting and ROM Banquet, Holyoke, MA
Mar 15: Deadline for April newsletter
Mar 22&23: Rescue show, Paws and Effect, Hamden, CT, Val Jakubowski & Sheila Dolan
Apr 26 (raindate 27): Beginning Herding Clinic, Lebanon, CT, Tenley Dexter

May 15: Deadline for June newsletter
May 17&18: Herding trial, Linc Keiser
May 24&25: Agility trial & Herding Try, Hopkinton, NH, Jean Janotta
June 4–7: Bob Vest Herding Clinic, in CT, Tenley Dexter

June 8–11: Bob Vest Herding Clinic, in NH, Matt Mason
June 21&22: Breed and obedience, Goshen, CT, Diane Dodge
July 13: Meeting, the Griffin’s, Douglas, MA

July 15: Deadline for August newsletter
Aug 1-3: Breed and obedience, Skowhegan, ME, Clara Grover
Aug 16&17: Herding trial – sheep & cattle, Joe and Deb Adamczyk

Sept 7: Meeting, the Adamczyk’s, Warren, MA

Sept 15: Deadline for October newsletter

Sept 19-27 – ASCA Nationals - West Bend, WI

Oct. 10-12th: Harvest Moon Mania, Westfield, MA, Peter Kontos
Nov 2: Meeting, Jean Janotta’s, Raymond, NH

Nov 15&16: Breed and Obedience, Seekonk, MA, Fran Swanson

Nov 15: Deadline for December newsletter