Minutes from the March 3rd ROM Luncheon, Holyoke, MA.

Members present: Susan Winters, Joanne Karohl, Dottie Duclos, Cindy King, Gull Reidy, Sheila and Pete Dolan, Jean Janotta, Wendy Dreyer, Sharon Ruppel, Denise and Jen Darlington, Kathleen Walsh, Billy Pechka-King, JoAnn and George Griffin, Sue Schroeder, Tina Walsh-Spivey, John Spivey, Donna Hakala, Karen Miller, Lorretta King, Kathy Chouinard, Warren, Heather, Holly, and Cindy Robinson, Deb and Joe Adamczyk, Emmy Adasiewicz, Terry Andrews, Alicia Campbell, Martin Chapman, Noelle Cormier-Doyle, Connor Doyle, Kathi Fragione, Nancy and Gil Gagnon, Eric and Robin Gardell, Robin Goodman, Pauline and William Haggis, Ed and Kathy Hubbard, Andy and Diane Johnson, Donna Johnson, Linc Keiser, Donna Killam, John King, Toni Lake, Joyce and Walker Leach, Bruce Logan, Merideth Lunn, Matt Mason, Celeste and Sarah Morcom, Sharon and Stevens Parr, LeeLane Picker, Claudia Reed, Heather smith, Joe and Mary Ann Stoddart, Fran and Leah Swanson, Kate Viles, Laura Winter, Suzanne Wood, John Yarmac, Ed and Val Jakubowski, Lyn Scribner, and Ann Chace.

Jean Janotta called the meeting to order at 1:25 p.m.

  1. The Secretary's report was read and approved as read.
  2. Treasurer's report: Expenses for the Seekonk show in February were $1442.62, gross receipts were $2287.00, for a profit of $844.38.
  3. Library report: The 2001 Annual is here, and all should take note of the four-legged former ASCNE member on the cover. Also it was noted that both Sunday Miles and Judy Norris mention Harvest Moon Mania favorably in their interviews.
  4. Sunshine Report: Sheila Dolan reports that Dave Andreozzi is back at Rhode Island Hospital from Brigham and Womenís. He is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. He also has a brand new baby girl. A remission is hoped for. A card circulated at this meeting, and Jean has sent a card from the club. The address for any well-wishers is:

  5. 350 Lake Washington Drive
    Chepachet, RI 02814
    Also, Hunter Atkinson, son of Betsy Atkinson (Hearthside Aussies) is facing cancer once again. It is his 4th time in 7 years. Hunter has a website with a guest book at Donations to help the family may be sent to:
    Alliance Bank
    *Tully Branch only (donít omit the *)
    PO Box 627
    Tully, NY 13159
    Attn: Melissa MacMillan
  6. Event Updates:

  7. Breed & Obedience, March 23rd &24th Rescue Benefit Show, Hamden, CT: More donations of raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated!
    Herding Trial, May 18 & 19, Portland, CT: Linc says everything is under control.
    Agility Trial, May 25th & 26th, Hampton Falls, NH: arrangements are moving along
    Bob Vest Clinics: June 5th-8th clinic at Tenleyís place, June 9th Handler Clinic (no dogs) at Mattís, June 10th-12th sheep clinic at Mattís
    Breed & Obedience, June 15th & 16th, Goshen, CT: Diane dodge reports that 3 (yes, thatís 3) judges have just had to pull out. "Not to worry." Stewards are all set.
    Breed & Obedience, August 2nd, 3rd & 4th, Skowhegan Fairgrounds, ME: Preliminary flyer will be on the web site. The Lobster Dinner ($20/person) is on.
    Cattle Clinic and Trial, August 24th & 25th: will be the Roger Stevens Cattle Clinic and Trial. The first day will be a clinic in the morning, and a (non-sanctioned) Course C trial in the afternoon. Cash prizes are a possibility. Comments about the course will be forwarded to the Stock Dog Committee. The second day there will be a morning clinic and a sanctioned B course trial in the afternoon.
    Mid-September (TBA): Sheep and duck trial at Janet Bensonís; Tenley has persuaded Rachel Vest to judge.
    Breed, Obedience, Herding & Agility, Harvest Moon Mania, October 11th, 12th, & 13th, Westfield, MA: We have Breeder judges Carol Ann Hartnagle, Marge Stovall, and Deb Gower. We aim to have our sanctioning by the end of March. John Yarmac will be doing the food. We need breed stewards and a show secretary. Jenny Burkhardt is the Obedience Chair, and Warren Robinson is the Herding Chair. We will have 2 rings of agility, so we will need more volunteers. Breed will begin EARLIER.
    Breed & Obedience, November 16th & 17th, Seekonk, MA: Fran Swanson states that judges will be in place by April. Note the site has moved from Franklin, MA to Seekonk, MA.

    Old Business

  8. Election Results: Warren Robinson will fill the second position of Board Member At Large.
  9. Renewal notices: The new postcard-sized membership renewal forms have gone out to members who had not renewed by January 31.
  10. Donations: The Club will be making a donation of $200.00 to the Massachusetts Emergency Response Team. They plan to thank us by giving us a demo some time soon.

  11. New Business

  12. New Members: We accepted the following new members into the club: Andy & Diane Johnson, Jennifer Burkhardt, Kevin & Marsha Adams, Heather Smith, Donna Gray.
  13. Volunteers: Mary Ann pointed out that nearly 90 members have been active volunteers this past year, a commendable level of participation!
  14. Thank youA heartfelt thank you from Cindy King on behalf of Billy Pechka-King to those who helped out to get him to the Colorado Nationals Juniors competition: Bob Amen, Joe Adamczyk, the Spiveys, and Chris Davenport. "If we donít invest in our juniors, where are our judges and competitors coming from?" Deb Adamczyk also pointed out that Billy is the first junior in the club and only the 4th junior in ASCA history to WTCH a dog.
  15. Red Cross Foster Homes: The Red Cross needs volunteers to provide foster homes for dogs of disaster victims. JoAnn Griffin is putting together a list of rescue groups. Any information on coping with pets in disasters would be appreciated.
  16. Member Applications: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE:
Member   Sponsors
Paula M. Andrus   Diane McCormack
Susan Winters
Barbara Barreiro   Fran Tardiff
Mary Lambert
Jessica Westleigh-Belanger   Nancy Gagnon
Sue Wood
Bob Chouinard   Brenda Dean
Dottie Duclos
Roxanne McHatten-Gura   Valerie Suprenant
Sharon Ruppel

Membership renewals should now be sent to Kathy Chouinard.

The meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
Next meeting: July 7th at Kathy Bishopís in North Stonington, CT.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne Karohl