Opening date April 8, 2002

3 Day Sheep Clinic
Wed., Thurs., Fri.June 5-7, 2002
1 Day Handlers’ Clinic 
Sat. June 8, 2002
Tenley Dexter Gaylordsville, CT

1 Day Handlers’ Clinic Sun. June 8, 2002
3 Day Sheep Clinic 
Mon., Tues., Wed. June 10-12, 2002
Matt Mason Salisbury, NH

The handlers clinic is without dogs. It is designed to promote better understanding of stock behavior and movement. Stock will include cattle, sheep, and ducks. No prior trialing or training experience required.

One entry per handler. Handlers can enter either sheep clinic but NOT both. Refunds only if someone can take your spot

FEES: Handler and dog ..... $170.00 for three sheep days, Handlers Clinic - $40.00
Auditors ..... $30.00 per day

Price includes lunch each day for handlers and auditors
Sheep Clinic limited to 12 dogs
Handlers Clinic limited to 20 handlers

Unlimited number of auditors may attend and ask questions.
You can learn just as much by auditing as participating
Registration only processed with a check made to ASCNE
For the Connecticut Clinic (including Handlers Clinic) mail your entry check to:

Tenley Dexter
P.O. Box 58
Gaylordsville, CT 06755
For the New Hampshire Clinic mail your check to:
Matt Mason
557 West Salisbury Road
Salisbury, NH 03268
Information on hotels or camping can be found at or by calling 860-354-9069 (CT) or 603-648-2973 (NH)