Minutes from the January 6th meeting at Canine Mastery, Seekonk, MA.

Members present: Susan Winters, Joanne Karohl, Dottie Duclos, Cindy King, Gull Reidy, Sheila and Pete Dolan, Jean Janotta, Wendy Dreyer, Sharon Ruppel, Jen Darlington, Kathleen Walsh, Billy Pechka-King, JoAnn and George Griffin, Sue Schroeder, Barbara Trainor, Tina Walsh-Spivey, John Spivey, Donna Hakala, Karen Miller, Lorretta King, Kathy Chouinard, Warren and Cindy Robinson, Deb Adamczyk, Linda Gray, Val Jakubowski, Lyn Scribner, and Ann Chace.

Jean Janotta called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m.

  1. The Secretary's report was read and approved as read.
  2. Treasurer's report: The sum of the two accounts stands at $20, 498.46.
  3. Affiliate report: Our proposed bylaw changes were not approved by ASCA. We have not yet received official notification from the ASCA Board as to what action we need to take to get the changes approved.
  4. Event Updates:

  5. Breed & Obedience, Feb 2&3: sanctioning packet received; Joanne Griffin volunteered to help Sue with setup on Saturday morning
    Breed & Obedience, March 23&24 Rescue Benefit Show: Many donations are coming in, but could always use more – a request has been put out to the ARPH list for donations; there are 5 or 6 ARPH reps who have volunteered for stewards
    Herding Trial, May 18 & 19: The judge is set.
    Agility Trial, May 25th & 26th: Judges are Nita Woulf (John Raymond supervising) and Carole Daggett; premium sent to NADAC for approval – response was there were some changes that would affect premium; should hear in a week or so.
    June 5th - 12th Herding Clinic: Everything is set.
    Breed & Obedience, June 15th & 16th: no updates
    Breed & Obedience, August 2nd, 3rd & 4th: breeder judges and judges from Canada, CKC people to participate; lobster & clam bake on Saturday; stalls for grooming; cheap hotel across the street
    Herding, August 24th & 25th: will be the Roger Stevens Cattle Clinic and Trial
    Herding, Mid-September (TBA): Duck trial at Janet Benson’s; Tenley has persuaded Rachel Vest to judge.
    Breed, Obedience, Herding, Agility - Harvest Moon Mania, October 11th, 12th, & 13th: herding judges are Dana Mackenzie and Becky Beckmann; agility judges are Annelise Allan & Sandra Katzen
    Breed & Obedience, November 16th & 17th Show: Fran Swanson has graciously agreed to be the chairperson; holding Miss Canine Manners and Canine Mastery, but looking for a site in Western MA

    Old Business

  6. Election Results: There will be a return ballot to resolve the tie for the second position of Board Member At Large (2nd Director).

  7. President: Jean Janotta
    Vice President: Pete Dolan
    Secretary: Joanne Karohl
    Treasurer: Dottie Duclos
    Affiliate Rep.: Sharon Ruppel
    1st Director: Matt Mason
    2nd Director: tied vote between Warren Robinson and Peter Kontos
    Ballots for the run-off election will go out on or before January 10th and must be returned by February 4th.
  8. Renewal notices: There is a new postcard-sized membership renewal form; members who have not renewed by January 31 will be sent one as a reminder.
  9. Donations: The Club will be making a donation of $250.00 to the newly established Kaitie Rempel Scholarship Fund; for more information contact Tenley Dexter. We are also considering a donation to the Mass Canine Response Team that has 4 Aussies, some ASCNE club members. More information on this team is included in the newsletter.

  10. New Business

  11. Co-sanctioned Agility Events: On the Road Again and Bo-Gee Agility (John Raymond, Ben Philibert and Duane Bonker) have agreed to co-sanction their trial April 20th and 21st at the Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds in Wrentham, MA. The members voted to approve the purchase of strip ribbons for this trial if necessary as an act of good will, since they’ve already ordered their ribbons. Robin Goodman plans to ask for co-sanctioning of the Bennington VT trial, May 4th & 5th. NYASA requested a waiver to co-sanction the SoBAD agility trial June 1st & 2nd in Goshen, CT. The request was approved.

  12. NADAC rule changes are pending. We will need to see what the changes are and what the ASCA Agility committee recommends to the ASCA BOD for action to determine what ASCNE’s future plans will be.
  13. Bowls for New Titles: If your dog earned an ASCA title in the calendar year 2001, please send your dog’s name with current titles, and new title(s) earned, by e-mail or snail mail to Karen Miller by Feb. 15. Her addresses are, and 82 Ridgewood Dr., Brewster, MA, 02631. Please take care to write your dog’s name clearly.
  14. Electronic newsletter? Kathleen Walsh has taken over the reins from Launa McGee as editor of the newsletter. She brought up the idea of distributing at least some of the club newsletters electronically, possibly as pdf files sent to members on ASCNE-l. The disadvantages of this seem to outweigh the advantages at this time. A motion was made that the newsletter be uploaded to ASCNE-l in the folder section, so list members can download a copy if they wish. This motion was approved. Kathleen has set up the following e-mail address for newsletter correspondence:
  15. Ribbons personnel: Deb Adamczyk will be ordering stockdog trial ribbons, Jean Janotta will be ordering for agility, and Sue Winters will be in charge of ribbons for obedience, conformation, and ROM.
  16. ROM business: The altered program will be included in the ROM awards. The ROM banquet is officially approved.
  17. New entry forms: There are now new official ASCA entry forms: one for conformation, obedience and tracking, and a separate one for stockdog trials. Old and new forms may be used until June 1, and then only the new one will be accepted. The most up to date forms are available on the ASCA website.
  18. Member Applications: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE:



    Member Sponsors
    Andy & Diane Johnson  P.O. Box 803
    Epping, NH 03042
    Lyn Scribner
     Jean Janotta
    Jennifer Burkhardt  18 Nebo St. 
    Medfield, MA 02052
    Robin Prouty
    Susan Winters
    Kevin & Marsha Adams 9 Saddle Ridge Dr
    West Simsbury, CT 06092
     Heather Braddock
    . Gail Duval
    Heather Smith 75 Newtown Rd
    Marstons Mills, MA 02648
     Donna Hakala
    . Karen Miller
    Donna Gray 270 Washington Rd. 
    Barrington, RI 02806
     Susan Winters
    Kathleen Walsh

    Membership renewals should now be sent to Kathy Chouinard.

  20. Corrections to October/November 2001 Minutes: Apologies to Wendy Dreyer for incorrect spelling of her name; the applicants being considered for membership are Mary Ann Callahan and Tory Capezza.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Next meeting March 3, in conjunction with ROM Luncheon - Log Cabin Banquet and Meeting House in Holyoke, MA.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne Karohl