Minutes from the May 14th meeting at the Walter's, West Brookfield, MA.

Members present: Joanne Karohl, Cindy King, Billy Pechka-King, Maarten
Walter, Joe Adamczyk, Debbie Adamczyk, Gull Reidy, Terry Andrews, Pete
Dolan, Sheila Dolan, Cathy Bakke, Chris Davenport, Tenley Dexter, Martin
Chapman, George Griffin, JoAnn Griffin, Cindi, Warren, Heather, Holly and Josh Robinson,
Linda Gray, John C. Yarmac III, Linc Keiser.

Maarten Walter called the meeting to order at 2 p.m.

1. The Secretary's report was approved as read.

2. Treasurer's report: The balance in the checkbooks is $16,501.41. The
March show took in $2,367, with expenses of $1,082.00, for a profit of $1,285.00.

3. Rescue Report: We have placed Poco, Shiloh, and Callie. Scruff is fostering at the Dolan's, and may be a performance prospect, the Jakubowskis have a blue merle with a nice temperament, but short on training, Striker, a black bi, is at the Oldham's, and Marcia is working with Pippin with Cindy Hayden. There will be a retreat for the coordinators next month.

4. Event Updates:
Memorial Day Weekend show: Cindi Robinson asked permission to have a Chinese Auction at the show to defray unexpected show expenses (a car had to be rented for a judge). She was assured that the club had agreed to hold the show, and would therefore pay for unexpected logistical costs, so a Chinese Auction was not necessary. The sanctioning for the show is all set, many trophies were donated, and more would be welcome. Also, obedience entries are still open, so put out the word.
June trial: A very few duck and sheep runs are still left.

Old Business

5. New Members: We accepted the following new members into the club: Jill
Bergman, Jessie Moore, Paula & Sumner Roberts, Diane Weaver, Suzanne Wood,
Linda S. Wilson.

New Business

6. Member Applications: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE:
Member     Sponsors
Carrie Neri     Tina Walsh-Spivey
 Valerie Jakubowski
Dianne McCormick    Anne Hubbard
Lizette Durrschmidt
Cheryl Oetting    Wendy Dryer
Leslie Frank
Valery Nelson   Stevens Parr
Sheila Dolan
Laurie Buche    JoAnn Griffin
Clara Grover
Deborah Duarte    Wendy Dryer
Anne Hubbard
Alice Gray 
Douglas Gray, Jr. 
  Dottie Duclos
Maarten Walter

7. Duck panels: Cathy Bakke suggested that the club buy duck panels. Pete Dolan volunteered to make them, if the club pays for the materials. Maarten will provide the specifications. Moved, seconded and carried.

8. Club jackets: Linda Gray modeled the current version of the club jacket to loud acclaim. One will be donated to auction to benefit Rescue. The cost will end up at around $80-90. There was a proposal to add a percentage to the price to be donated to Rescue; this will be discussed next meeting. The manufacturer's other wares can be viewed at . Linda will get prices for other items available to have our logo on and will report back.

9. Show flyers: Any photos used on show flyers must be used with permission and should be properly credited.

10. Harvest Moon Mania video: Linc mentioned that the Wesleyan student produced video of HMM is now in the library.

11. Event Mailing list: We should try to steer people to the web site if possible for event information, rather than increasing the size of the mailing list. We should consider an ad in the Match/Show Bulletin with the web-site address.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Next Meeting: July 9 at Pete and Sheila Dolan's, No. Stonington, CT.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne Karohl